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For all you min-maxing 100%’ers out there, here’s a guide to help get those tricky achievements. It’s impossible to get them all during a single play-through, so there’s no need to stress over them too much. I made many of these achievements to motivate players to pick less popular choices, as well as rewarding them for paying attention. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Best Dumplings in Yamato
In chapter 1, Kin Oyama asks a request from our favorite ronin. Agree but make sure he knows that nothing is free.

Can’t Trust Anybody
In chapter 1, that mysterious fiancé is a bit too mysterious for our liking. Be a skeptic to reveal her/his true motive.

A Fish Out of Water
In chapter 2, our ronin gets into a mess thanks to an oversized carp. Don’t rely on Masami/Masashi and instead make the most out of the leftovers.

Attack of Opportunity
In chapter 4, buy yourself some time with the tricky guardsman by playing lost. He won’t be such a handful afterwards.

The Most Important Question
In chapter 4, after the Emperor’s long monologue our ronin gets a chance to speak up. It’s always about money with you, isn’t it?

That Just Ain’t Right
This is a difficult achievement to obtain, and involves making a choice in both chapters 4 and 5. In the latter chapter, use the excuse about being newlyweds to try and fool the city guard. And in chapter 4, choose the relationship with Masami/Masashi that would cause marriage to imply a very…improper association.

Leap of Faith
In chapter 5, don’t hesitate on the rooftop. Do it for the kid!

The Better Part of Valor
In chapter 6, nothing is easy in Hyuga. Restrain yourself as Toshie/Toshio recommends.

Blood Bath
In chapter 6, you’ll need to be a brutal ronin and find an edged weapon. Afterwards, quench your opponent’s thirst permanently.

Good Advice
In chapter 8, investigate that noise in the alleyway. Give a lecture to the hapless goon; one that he won’t soon forget.

Drinking Buddy
In chapter 8, don’t bother with the alleyway. Get some saké instead, and share it with someone who needs it.

In chapter 9, go ahead and try your luck at Chō-Han. If you win, you’ll get this achievement. May the random number generator be always in your favor!

Not My Client
In chapter 9, a beautiful woman and her troubles falls right into your lap. You’ve got enough problems—go ahead and get her off your hands.

In chapter 9, don’t get yourself poisoned by an incoming dart. Make some small talk with Toshie/Toshio by admiring the night sky.

Doctor-Patient Relationship
In chapter 9, get yourself poisoned by an incoming dart. Then go ahead and get hands-on with the good doctor at night.

White Lie
In chapter 10, the truth hurts too much. Keep it from Hatch.

Land of the Rising Sun
In chapter 11, the ronin and company are heading toward the East Ward. Keep in mind which way the sun rises to navigate the streets of Jijinto.

Saving Her From Herself
In chapter 11, choose the ronin to save Momoko personally. Do so without getting an injury to obtain this achievement. Factors include: who’s poisoned, approaching on the bridge, and whether or not Hatch learned the truth the hard way.

Better This Way
In chapter 11, let Hatch do the rescuing. Do so without getting an injury to obtain this achievement. Factors include: who’s poisoned, approaching on the bridge, and whether or not Hatch learned the truth the hard way.

Natural Negotiator
In chapter 12, a stoic or perverted ronin can talk their way past the giant Daisuke. For the stoic ronin, be direct and honest about why you’re there. For the pervert, well, it ought to be fairly obvious.

And I Meant It
In chapter 12, remember what you said to Masami/Masashi back at the kabuki theater.

Following Your Own Path
In chapter 12, don’t use the Strike of Non-Thought. Instead rely on your own techniques. If you are injured from the bridge rescue however, you may be forced to give in.

Bad End
Why would you want this achievement?! Just kidding. There are two possible bad ends: Greed and Wrath. Both can occur on chapter 12. When Shiroyama tosses the pouch of gold coins, a ronin with less than 20% attunement will take it and run. Alternatively, giving into the Strike of Non-Thought at less than 30% attunement will turn the ronin into a mindless killer.

A True Ronin
In chapter 13, the snake demon offers you several gifts and powers. Keep your lust for special abilities in check to obtain this achievement.

I Already Told You
In chapter 13, during a trippy spirit sequence, remember what you told the Emperor back at the Lion Temple.

In chapter 14, you find yourself in front of a fallen giant. Let him leave with his life.

No Mercy
In chapter 14, you find yourself in front of a fallen giant. Make sure he stays that way.

Jijinto’s Finest
In chapter 14, let the boys in blue take care of the mess you’ve made.

In chapter 14, let the shrine maidens take care of the mess you’ve made.

Oni Slayer
This one is self-explanatory. Congratulations on beating the game!


  1. That Just Ain’ t right doesn’t work for me. Tried every possible outcome.
    Any tips? Much appreciated.

    • In chapter 4 say that Masami/Masashi is your sister/brother. Later when you’re discovered in the Lion Temple, claim that the two of you are newlyweds.

  2. *A smile and friendly demeanor.

    Good evening and well met. I was wondering if it was possible to save Momoko twice, once from the dart and again at the bridge without incurring the injury. Based on my previous attempts, I’m inclined to believe you must choose to let Hatch take care of the dart so that you can rescue her at the bridge unhindered in order to acquire the Saving Her from Herself achievement.

    • This is a great question. It is possible for MC to both get poisoned by the dart and rescue Momoko from the bridge without injury (to get that achievement).

      Don’t tell Hatch she was making opium. [Approach] instead of [Talk her down] when you get the option. This should put MC in a better spot than Hatch for rescuing her.

      • when hatch was controlled and you were fighting him there are 2 options where you either make him remember his dead friend to snap him out of the mind control or you use the strike of nin thought. But whatever i do in all my runs the 2nd option using the strike of non thought is blacked out. How can i pick/unlock this?

        • Your attunement has to be less than 50% for that selection to be available. You’re too good!

  3. -Drinking Buddy-

    Hello. At the shrine i get either the option to go into the alleyway or it not being my problem. None of these has a sub-option to not bother with the alleyway and got find some sake.

    Keep up the brain-candy work you’re doing here 🙂

  4. Will Masami really die in book 1? I keep ending with her neck being slashed and MC-san saying sayonara.

    • Book 1 ends in a cliffhanger, while Masami’s fate is shown at the start of Book 2. Spoilers, but she doesn’t die!

  5. Is there an easy method to get low attunement for the Bad End achievement? having one hell of a hard time getting it, even just taking the first option and doing nothing else, any help?

    • This achievement is definitely not easy to get. In Book 1 in particular, attunement didn’t change all that much the further you got into the story. So it’s important to select the “wrong” choices early and often, as soon as you leave Yamato.

      In general, to GAIN attunement:
      Impulsive ronin should select choices that end in exclamation marks!
      Charming ronin should select choices that tend to be longer than the other choices.
      Protective ronin should select choices that are pro-Masami/Masashi.

      So my tip is to make a Calculated, Stoic and Drifter ronin and make the above selections. Make sure you’re under 30% attunement and select “I used Sensei’s technique” in chapter 12. Good luck!

      • Thanks I’ll try my best, it is actually quite hard to fail, not sure if it’s just me but I’ll let you know if this works.

        Honestly I’ve gotten really close, like around chapters 10 or something I’ve gotten to at least 30% and then it skyrockets up when I seem to do something to gain attunement.

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