• Combat, romance, adventure
  • Master four elements
  • Three love interests
  • Four hours for a single play-through
  • Six possible endings
  • Countless choices!

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Choose your own adventure has never been this badass. Tongue-in-cheek humor, gritty combat, and a whole lot of choices await! Romance your childhood-friend paladin, a cat rogue with questionable morals, a mysterious elf mage, or your right hand in this blood-pulsing interactive tale! Customize yourself as you go from an easy-going farmer to a master of your chosen element. Avenge those who have fallen, and show your enemies just how powerful magic really is!

Everything is not as it seems. Enemies lurk in every shadow, yet allies do as well. Join a diverse group of mercenaries in an unforgiving city were only the tough get by. The choices are yours: will you be male, or female? A leader, or a loner? Will your let your powers corrupt you, or guide you? When it comes down to it…

…what kind of mage will you be?