SoH 2 Achievement Guide

Another game, another achievement guide! Like in Book 1, it’s impossible to get them all during a single play-through, so there’s no need to stress over them too much. I made many of these achievements to motivate players to pick less popular choices, as well as rewarding them for paying attention. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Here We Go Again
At the start of the game, load in a character from Book 1.

No Pets Allowed
In chapter 2, Masami/Masashi is against the idea of parting from a particularly smelly horse. Convince her/him that it’s for the best.

In chapter 2, tell Anzai, the Gold General, that you have no need for titles.

Shogi Master
In chapter 4, our ronin must make two correct shogi moves. For the first, select the piece with room to move left on the board. For the second, choose the number corresponding with the spot in front of the king [玉].

Ready for Anything
In chapter 4, the ending of the shogi battle takes a dramatic turn. Move in the direction where you first placed your katana.

Shogi Savior
In chapter 4, the ending of the shogi battle takes a dramatic turn. Move forward and see what happens.

Love Triangle
In chapter 5, the ronin is given the option to help a date go well or to ruin it. Pick ruin, and for your reason why select Hatch or Momoko.

Half an Inch
In chapter 5, tell Masami/Masashi that she/he is losing weight.

Autumn Showers
In chapter 5, let Masami/Masashi finish casting her/his spell.

Beside the Law
In chapter 6, when a group of Shinsengumi approach the ronin, choose to walk by them on their right.

Sensitive Subject
In chapter 6, when Toshie/Toshio brings up Junko/Jun, choose to squeeze your katana.

Press Conference
In chapter 6, thank your fans for coming out to see you play before and after the shogi match.

Best Dumplings in Tonogasha
In chapter 6, buy dango.

In chapter 6, at the dream sequence, resist Junko/Jun. This achievement is awarded at the start of chapter 7.

Moist Embrace
In chapter 7, when the ronin and Momoko are heading towards the kabuki theater, tell her that you are more worried about her than yourself.

Age Before Beauty
In chapter 7, choose the old man mask.

Amateur Actor
In chapter 7, go backstage and select either the ninja or miko costume.

Kabuki Fighter
In chapter 7, focus on Saburo’s shoulders during your fight.

Fallen Angel
In chapter 8, when Saburo is making his entrance, choose to hurry it up.

Bedroom Sneak
In chapter 9, a perverted ronin can surprise Momoko while she is busy at her desk. Very different results depending on whether or not you are attracted to women!

Not Like Me
In chapter 9, tell Momoko that Hatch is a good man and nothing like you.

Selfless Slumber
In chapter 9, choose to let Momoko go.

Poetry Appropriation
In chapter 11, tell Masami/Masashi not to give too much credit to Bashō for his poem.

Better Safe Than Sour
In chapter 11, as a protective ronin, stop Masami/Masashi from eating a grape.

Fine Art Connoisseur
In chapter 11, examine a painting further.

Table Manners
In chapter 12, choose to sit at the head of the table.

Foreign Duelist
In chapter 13, during the duel against the Baron, choose to charge in.

In chapter 14, after a much-needed bath, choose to wear the clean kimono.

Total Recall
In chapter 14, on the beach, Toshie asks you what your first shogi opponent was. Anzai, the Gold General, was an asshole.

The Grappler
In chapter 15, choose to sumo wrestle with the Baron. During the match, a calculated (thoughtful) ronin should take a traditional approach. An impulsive (gutsy) ronin should take the physical approach instead.

Kiss of Life
In chapter 15, choose to give Hatch your own air to help resuscitate him. Just don’t call it a kiss!

Spiritual Sneeze
In chapter 16, when the ronin is supernaturally stuck in his/her chair, choose to enter the spirit realm. Attunement must be at least 75% for this option to be selectable.

Capital Punishment
In chapter 17, when asked your opinion on Sadao’s fate, say that you are in favor of killing him.

In chapter 17, when asked by Toshie to voice your theory, suggest that the group is in some sort of purgatory.

Only One Truth
This is a Detective Conan reference but also the achievement for beating the game! Congratulations!

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  1. I didn’t get the “snap” achievement because I’m playing as someone who- despite being an overall good person- is still in love with Jun(ko), so I didn’t resist them.

    Also, thank you. Not only for making this game, but also for giving people the option to still like Jun(ko) regardless of the consequences. I personally really like exploring corrupt/dysfunctional relationships in fiction so I’m interested to see how things develop for the main character if you hold on to your feelings for Jun(ko). If I had to guess, I can’t imagine that it will end positively/happily, but I like tragic romances too.

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