Samurai of Hyuga Book 2 Released!


Samurai of Hyuga Book 2 has been released! Check out it’s page here!

For the newly initiated, this is where I give my post-mortem for the game, though that word doesn’t sound appropriate. Make sure to follow me on twitter @MChoiceStudios for blog updates and release dates!

If you’re here from Steam, I want to give you a special shoutout. If you’re like me, you’re a guy and a gamer, and a decade ago I was 17 and I could never be bothered to read a novel. Best I did was the Player’s Handbook. The habit of reading is the best one you can pick up—whether it’s interactive or not, manga or comics, graphic or visual novels. It’s going to take you places Bioware just can’t.

Risks and Rewards

What I’m most proud about may not be so obvious from release dates alone.
Fatehaven: 8/2014
Samurai of Hyuga: 7/2015
Samurai of Hyuga Book 2: 9/2016

Book 2 is over 1.5x the size Book 1 was, with hours of more gameplay for a single playthrough. Writing for Book 2 didn’t even begin until 2016. I’ll spare you the real life details, but after storing up enough rent and food money I took a big occupational risk. If you’re a prospective game developer you know the jump I’m talking about. But please keep in mind: I made sure I had a proven record of success (Fatehaven and Samurai of Hyuga) before taking the dive.

And so I raced against the clock and averaged 2,264 words a day. I kept count, kept disciplined and kept myself from burning out. The writing itself is greater than Book 1’s, but I’ll be the first to tell you I can improve. I know the expectations for interactive fiction are low, but that’s not going to stop me from training.

I am very optimistic about the future. Thank you, as always, for supporting me.


  1. Just made me day! I wasn’t expecting it before tomorrow. Never have I authorized payment as quickly before … Thanks for your hard work! Now, if you’ll excuse me …

  2. Thank you so much of your hard work! C: I haven’t played it yet but I’m looking forward to the next installment!

  3. Thank you for all you do, i absolutely love your stories <3

  4. Thank you! You’re amazing ^^

  5. It finally came out! I’m glad it finally finished. I will support you and will look forward to your future releases.

  6. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see SoH2 had finally been released. The story was positively exceptional and I’m already working on my second round through! I’m eagerly awaiting the next book. I know it’ll blow our socks off!

  7. Ooh boy, where to start–well, literally the first thing I did upon waking up this morning was doing what had become a habit for some time now–checking your twitter like a gross stalker to see what the latest update is. Needless to say, I was joyous when I saw the news of Book Two’s release, even if I knew it would be out judging by your last tweet. I downloaded and binged it in a single sitting. I just want to say, GREAT work–as with your last book, this one was amazing and I fell in love with the series all over again. So thank you once more for the spectacular read.

    Now, onto the book itself–loved it. Really, there’s little more to say than that. It was great–and also worth mentioning that I enjoyed the touch of romance added. I will note that you seem to have a fondness for cliff-hangers, you must be a sadist. I won’t spoil anything for future readers who may be browsing comments, but I’ll just reiterate the fact that I LOVED book two, keep up the good work. I eagerly await the next one, and wish you luck in writing it when you decide on it (and I do hope you complete the series, because this series is literally the best Choice Games I’ve read.)

    Oh, and one more thing to add–as crazy and yandere as Jun may be, I can’t help but love him, and hold just a bit of pity for him, too. Despite him taking (just a little) to the sidelines here due to plot, I hope he’ll be able to be romanced (or at least not killed off) when he makes a return, being a man, I’ve already missed out on Hatch in that department probably, lol.

    Anyway, this one super long, unnecessarily so, I just needed to gush out everything after finishing book two (hell this isn’t even the place to do that, really) loved it, cheers, keep up the good work, and thanks for reading this pointless comment if you did.

    *Edit* my net lagged out and I don’t know if anything posted and am currently frozen after pressing the button a few too many times. I apologise in advance if you now have ten of the same comment!

  8. BLESS YOU. THIS IS THE BEST NEWS TO END THE DAY WITH. Thank you so much for your hard work, dedication, and the discipline you’ve poured into this. No wonder so many people love it! I’ve been checking routinely for the past few months for updates on book 2 after getting hooked on the first one. The wait is so worth it. Again thank you so much and more power to you 🙂

  9. I’m so happy I can’t find the right words to say :’)) I’m just gonna immerse myself with this beautiful creation for now

  10. I can confidently say all your fans appreciate the hard work you put into your projects. You do an amazing job every time, and as a game developer myself – I can relate on a level that I wish I could say I didn’t, but am also strangely proud to see it in you as well. Not only does it mean you’re confident in your work, but it means you’re willing to take risks in order to see your creations succeed – and that means the world to your fans. Keep up this amazing attitude. I look forward to diving head first into Book 2, and all the others you mentioned having plans for in the future.

    You’re honestly one of my idols. I wish I could write as well as you do, and I intend to learn from you every chance I get. Keep doing you, boss.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! I wish you the best of luck in your game developing—it sure isn’t easy. In gamedev, there are sadly far more grim reality stories than success ones. It’s easy to get jaded and depressed because the market does that to you. There are those who dedicate years and years of their lives to their games and still don’t see success.

      I will definitely write up a blog post about gamedev one day. But my biggest piece of advice would be to focus on developing skills (for making games) that are equally valuable in other, more boring jobs. For me, that was programming.

      But don’t be surprised if things change: I never expected to turn into a choose-your-own-adventure writer!


        And wow am I late…guess that’s what I get for pulling a Junko on Book 2 and then proceeding to drown in college courses. Ah~ but it’s so good to get that sort of advice from you. “Ya know”, idol worship and all. Anyhow, since book two’s been out for a while I’ve had some personal questions – but feel free to disregard them if you count any of the answers as too spoiler-ish. I won’t fault ya for it. 😉

        You mentioned in a later comment that Junko (and few others) aren’t romanceable YET implying a romance with Junko COULD be possible. If it is possible, will romancing Junko end up with an early end game for our MC, or worse, an early death for Junko themselves?

        I can’t imagine such a character development of Junko “going good” but hey if you could pull that off, I wouldn’t be surprised. Still, I’m fairly concerned about the romance ability with Junko when compared to other characters (easier characters) such as Toshi and Hatch. Characters you wouldn’t necessarily have to alter/kill off/etc.

        How do you, the writer, plan to make this sort of romance work?

        • I can’t get into details for sake of avoiding spoilers, but Junko/Jun represents a part of MC that MC’s been running away from. I think the dynamic between them is too important to sweep under a ‘BAD END’. As far as any relationship goes, what I can say for certain is that I will always try to maximize drama.

  11. I’m kind of confused didn’t you say that this was the sequel and last Samurai of Hyuga? The ending has me thinking there’s going to be a third book?

    • This is only the second of a planned series. Remember, the Emperor gave our characters a list of spirits they must slay in Book 1!

      • Woah that’s awesome! How many books are we looking at?!

  12. I’m a fan of romance in games, however I recall you said that there would be more romance so I’m kind of confused here. Is there only romance with Momoko or did I miss some events to be able to romance Junko/Masami and Toshie?

    • There is romance with two possible characters, but to see the other your main character must be attracted to men.

      • Could you give some extra info? Playing a male character – attracted to men.
        Tried in different playthroughs (Books 1 & 2) to get on Tosh’s good side – that didn’t seem to work.
        And then there is Jun of course – had to make a playthrough with my character still being insanely (literally and figuratively) in love with him. Since he isn’t around much in Book 2, I know I have to wait.

        And from what I could see – Hatch seems to be kind of… emotionally preoccupied.

        • The romances in book 2 are Momoko and the Baron. Tosh, Jun and Hatch aren’t yet romanceable.

          Romances in general for the series won’t have ‘mistakes’ so no worries of ‘getting on the right route’ like you often see in dating sims and visual novels. I hope that clarifies things!

          • Oh that’s kind of sad. I wanted to romance Toshie (really like her character). I hope we can romance her in the future.

            Since there are multiple books, if you romance the girls in each book it’s going to end up a harem (I believe this was said before in Book 1 where Masami asked the protag. what his dream or something was about). Or are you planning to end up only with one? Or both? Well this is in the future so if you might not even have an answer yet I pretty much just enjoy this series, one of the best CoC games currently.

          • Thanks for the info!
            I did enjoy the Baron … or what my character saw in him …

            Despite me wishing you a good rest after a new publishing, I hope the love and success of your works will inspire you. There’s a lot of addicts sitting here, waiting and always hungry for more. 🙂

  13. Aw man, I loved book 2! So much so that I already started a 2nd playthrough. Though I have to ask, how many romance routes are there in book 2? In my playthrough I found one possible one, but I didn’t want to romance that character so I denied it, can’t figure out the other ones though.

    • There is romance with two possible characters, but to see the other your main character must be attracted to men.

      • Thank you, guess I’ll have to wait for the next book then.

  14. I’m breaking up with this website for my sanity ??

    I thought the game would be straight forward, murdering another demon and ending with some twist like one of our companions in danger or something (like most tv and anime series? It’s never the lead who needs saving, only in the smallest things like sanity and morality and the occasional carved-up-by-ex.) but i suppose if the author is intent on adding a murder mystery twist then I’m guessing there’ll be at least ten books, five being the main plot, five more being similar to the second book i.e. fillers.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love this game but the waiting and the length of the story is going to be ridiculous and I just can’t. I’d rather wake up ten years from now and say to myself:

    “Oh! Remember that game thing with the samurai and the spirit animal? I wonder how that’s doing? I wonder if that’s finished?”

    Then i check back into CoG and maybe download the books as a complete bundle.

    The future is uncertain and maybe the whole game will stop at maybe six books with no ending in sight because of one thing or other real life reasons. That’s one of my worst nightmares involving these sorts of games (and anime. Come on Saiyuki how long does it really take to journey west?! If someone can go round the world in 80 days, and you can sneeze on canon-fodder demons and turn them to dust, what’s your excuse?).

    The never ending wait.

    As much as I want to step back, and just let real life steamroll me over into a daze, I’ll always come back to check on the forum and the blogs. But seriously. I need to back off and let nature take its course. Whether in the form of inspiration or writer’s block. Because SoH is my drug and I need to unhook myself from it or go into more of a downward spiral.

    Don’t get me wrong, book two made my day. It made my week exciting. But, i need to distract and distance myself to avoid obsessing over what and when Book 3 will happen, so goodbye this website hahahaha

    • That’s great advice! I used to make myself sick waiting and getting hyped for new videogames coming out. But there’s so many great games and books out there, there’s no need to devote yourself to a single series!

      Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with me just because I really try not to spam, but whatever method works for you is best. I can make this promise: I’ve got the dedication and discipline to see this series through. So no worries there!

  15. So is there no way to to romance Masashi yet? Or that there was no route with him to begin with? ‘Cause I was really hoping we could romance him 🙁

    • Yeah me too… I was waiting for that… By the way great story can’t wait for book 3 lol =)

  16. It says that I used sensei’ s technique when I didn’t is this a bug?

    • That’s a bug in the savegame recap, and I’ll make sure it’s fixed in an update. While it doesn’t affect the story it is an accomplishment players should get recognized for.

  17. And is their going to be a way to romance Masami?

    • That’s the most popular question I get! We’ll just have to see how the series goes.

      • !!!!!!>w< my heart just stopped beating when you said that omgggg MC and Masashi are my OTP AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Fantastic work btw, you wonderful human being you?

  18. Toshio. I love him so hard. <3
    Binged the whole of the second book in a day. Then did it a second time.
    I love book one and book two and I'm eagerly awaiting book three. Your writing is fantastic and I get sucked in by all the characters. I genuinely feel for them.
    Thank you. Keep writing. You have a gift.

  19. So, where do I even begin?

    First off, let me commend you on your hard work. I mean, man! 2,264 words a day?! That’s insane! I don’t know how you do it. I’m always impeded by the dark cloud of writer’s block almost any time I actually have a chance to write. I’m lucky if I get 10,000 words a month, while you’re getting over 15,000 words in a week! That’s amazing! I give you a lot of props on that! Simply amazing!

    And your writing? It’s amazing. Like seriously. Amazing. You truly have a gift for this. I mean, I’ve tried to read interactive novels before, because I like the idea of them. There have been so many ones that I’ve bought, but sadly very few that I’ve actually enjoyed. I’m someone who cannot stand to leave a book unfinished (be it reading or writing it), but I’ve given up on quite a few interactive novels because they ceased to hold my interest. Most of the ones I finished reading were never picked up again. The concepts behind some of them were intriguing, but the follow through never lived up to the ideas– until I read ‘Samurai of Hyuga Book 1″ last year. Holy crap! I was floored. Here was a story where I not just enjoyed the play through, but I was enthralled by everything– the plot, the characters, the feel… (And can I just say how I love the sarcastic and very flawed hero/heroine of the story? Perfect.) Not only that, but I was genuinely surprised in that the story took turns I didn’t think it would. And the ending of Book 1 only made me want more. I played through several different times, enjoying the story every single time.

    You made a stalker out of me. I’ve been haunting this site for the past several months waiting for Book 2. I was so excited the other day when it was released that I bought it and binge read it in between work. (At work it was difficult to focus at times, because I just wanted to go home and read!)

    Loved every minute of that book! Once again, I was so taken by the story that I was up late the past two nights, trying to squeeze in as much of it as possible before I passed out. xD This one was so different but still so familiar. It was great! Once again, you blew my expectations away and I am SO EXCITED for Book 3. I don’t know how in the world I’m going to survive until it is released. Hehe.

    Seriously, you have an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us!

    Just shut up and take my money.
    I liked Masashi at first but after Book 2 I think he’s kind of annoying. Yuko-san (my heroine) is nothing but the best bodyguard and friend to him and he only scolds her and treats her poorly. Ugh.
    The main character is amazing. <3
    ABOUT THE ROMANCE: I hoped there would be more, but I understand that you want to make it feel real. How many books will SoH have, btw? I'm dying to play the next T_T
    TOSHIO. I don't know what to think of him. I like him as a character but I don't know if he really cares for our ronin as a person. It's like he only cares about the Emperor and spirits xD So, at least for now, I can't see the MC with him.
    JUN. Uf. DON'T GET ME STARTED WITH THIS ONE. I have a thing for yanderes. He's insane, alright, but Yuko doesn't seem to mind ê_ê They're both freaks, so… THEIR FIGHT. The sexual tension was killing me.
    Their relationship is so twisted and complicated… I LOVE IT.
    Masashi… I was trying to romance him. I really was. BUT HE'S SO ANNOYING. Okay, I get it, he's a tsundere, but ffs! stop pestering Yuko so much. She's nothing but sweet and thoughful of you, kiddo. Arrogant brat ù_ú
    And the Baron… Idk. Is he even human? I like his tension with Yuko, but maybe he sees her as a replacement for his wife? Or maybe the baron is the kitten, the kitten belonged to samurai's life and it was jealous of him.
    PD: My Yuko is into men only and the way Momoko threw herself at her was almost comical xD Poor Yuko and poor Momo.

  21. But… But.. when does book three come out? Best interactive book I’ve read ever 😀

  22. Also, when I like something, I will buy it multiple times on different platforms. Got these for Android, and today I bought the two books and Fatehaven on steam. Thank you.

  23. so book 3 will we be able to romance tosh?

    btw just finished book 2 and loved it!

  24. Well, thanks. Now I can’t stop imagining Jun and the heroine when I listen to Animals by Maroon 5 or One Way or Another by Until the Ribbon Breaks. OTP since the end of book 1. Which might mean that I’m sick. Whatever.
    Hatch is cute, but I can’t take him seriously. And Toshio is a hottie, but the ronin doesn’t trust him and I don’t either. He’s a man with a mission~ no time for romance. A shame. (I really hope a perverted ronin could take him out of his shell… in the more inappropiate way possible. Although she would probably yell Jun’s name if they get touchy-feely. Well, MY ronin would. Sick woman. Ahh good toxic love with a man who wants to send you to hell. Just let them kill each other and be happy. ^^)

    ALSO, I DIDN’T THANK YOU FOR ADDING SQUIRRELS TO THE SPIRIT ANIMALS. I love squirrels with a passion. Akitas are cute, but my ronin (whether is a she or a he) will never be chivalrious. GO PERVERTED.

  25. Here I thanked and praised God for allowing such human to exists, that gave me a reason to read even if it’s not in the form of books.

    You sir/miss, are awesome
    I’ll definitely buy this book this afternoon
    Can’t wait to read!

  26. Thanks a lot, you really made my day. I am lying at home with a cold and just got the idea to check the Android store again if your book 2 is already available. You can’t believe how happy you made me. Now I know how I will spend my whole day.
    And I already now wonder how I will survive the time until book 3 is out. XD

    But btw, does anyone have the same what seems like a bug? For me it always says that my attunement has increased but when I check where it’s standing now it has actually decreased. I’m at chapter 4 now and have 63% of attunement, four decisions with attunement effect ago I was still at 75%.

    • Hope you get well soon!

      For attunement, while I always show (attunement has increased) messages, I rarely show (attunement has decreased) ones. This is because I don’t like giving players negative feedback when they make a choice—I want them to be happy and interested in what’s going to happen next.

      So what probably happened was that your attunement was changing during those 4 decisions without notifying you. I know it seems like a bug, but really I just don’t want to worry players over attunement scores too much.

      • Okay, that could be the case too. Thanks for the reply.

        I hope it is as they say – that laughter is the best medicine – because right now chapter 5 gave me plenty of reason to laugh my butt off.

  27. Incredible writing! Once again you amazed me with how your writing paints a perfect picture of the story in my mind! The plot gripped me and I found it difficult to put my phone down to stop reading and rest and when I finally managed I kept wondering what would happen next, where would the story go, what does the next chapter hold! I became attached to the characters even more than I had previously and at certain points was actually mad or sad because of what happened in the story.
    All in all this was an amazing read, another fantastic masterpiece! Looking forward to your next project, whether it will be SoH 3 or something else.
    Take care and don’t burn yourself out!
    – an enthused fan from the IDF

  28. Amazing! Like book 1, book 2 is captivating. I love the way you write. It totally enables one to create a picture of the characters & the scenes in their minds. Can’t wait for book 3!! I’m a bit disappointed though, since I wanted my character to end up with Toshio. Is there any way to do that in the next book?

    • Thanks! This early on in development, the only promise I can make is that Toshie/Toshio will definitely play a greater role in book 3.

      • That’s great! Thank you so much for considering it. 😀

      • Awesome! XD

        As much as I want to get my hands on Book 3, I hope you don’t strain yourself too much since you only just released Book 2. Looking forward to your future works!!

  29. Wow, I’ve got to give it to you. Fatehaven was one of the first choice of games (hosted) novels I tried. This is so weird to type to you but Fatehaven was the game that got me hooked on COG in he first place! Though after playing a few more I realized I would definitely not be my last.

  30. What you have done with Samurai of Hyuga is really amazing. I consider it masterpiece among the interactive novels I’ve played so far. A few people pointed it out already but what makes the difference between your work and most of the others that are even more popular is that you are able to make the reader “see” the scene itself using your words. Also, another thing that I liked in your novels is that there are no gameovers. There are consequences for the players’ actions in the story itself, not a retarded game over that makes you replay 3 hours. And I really hope you will keep it that way in future.
    Anyway, I’m so much into that Junko romance. Really like her sadistic persona. It’s kinda interesting to see if it will be possible in future. Is the girl in the picture supposed to be her? I’d guess so because of the sword.

  31. Is masashi going to have a romance route? And when will book three be out? I understand it’s a lot of work, so it’s okay if you don’t know when. I really enjoy your work, both books were amazing! I could read them everyday and anyday, most favorite in a while.

    • Thank you for the compliment! I’m currently writing Book 3, but since there’s still so many months of work ahead of me I can’t give you a more accurate release date than 2017. For the romances, for the most part, there won’t be traditional routes that exclude one person if you pursue someone else. For Masami/Masashi in particular, I’ll always be biased towards creating the most powerful drama I can. We’ll see how that goes!

  32. Hey,I just re-played both books. Amazing work,really funny.
    I’m happy that Toshio is going to have a bigger role ,since he is one of my favorite character.
    I really appreciated that you tried to give romantic scenes a meaning, It add worth to them.
    Also, I would enjoy seeing Jun interact even more with the other characters. I enjoy drama!

    Anyway,I am pretty curious about one thing: do you write the story with a certain gender in mind for the characters?

    • Glad you like drama—there will be a lot more of that! When I imagine scenes, the characters’ genders often flip several times. But when writing, I just follow the character’s personality. Some are naturally more masculine or feminine than others.

  33. Just wanted to thank you for these two amazing interractives novels, I just can’t wait for the next one and pray for Masashi to be romanceable (I love his tsundere side) ! xD

  34. Hello there! How are you? Hope everything is going well and that writing hasn’t grinded to a halt, at the same time I hope you’re not over exerting yourself either.. On to the point of this comment-
    I serve in the IDF for almost a year now and I’ve read your works several times over. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the great times I’ve had reading through each one. Your books have helped me, even if just for a moment, forget about my problems, stresses and things that would never have even come to the mind of most people. (Such as: When will I sleep? Where will I sleep? When will I be woke up? When will I eat and how much? When is the next time I’ll see my parents?….) My point is that you help people I’m more ways you might have thought of and in many different situations! So again, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I know this isn’t you’re most recent post but it felt fitting to say this here! Hope to see another post from you soon and maybe another masterpiece in the near future!

    • Thank you for the very kind words! I don’t know how it feels to live and work with that sort of anxiety, but I can only imagine that it’s mentally exhausting. I’m very glad my games have given you some relief.

      Progress on Book 3 is going well, and (every author probably says this) it’s my best yet. I really enjoy the prose and choices I’ve written so far, and there are a ton of funny and dramatic moments packed in. It’s a safe bet that fans of the series are going to like it!

      Release date for Book 3 will be late 2017. Unfortunately I can’t narrow it down more than that—there’s still a lot of work to be done, and I’m looking forward to it!

      • Wow! Thanks for the quick response!
        My service is taking its toll on me and my friends’ mental health but we keep each other from going crazy. On the other hand it helped me develop quite an athletic figure so that helps in its own way.
        I have full faith in you that book 3 will absolutely be the best one yet! Both me and my Samurai Jack are ready! (But that cliffhanger is brutal though…)
        And don’t worry about narrowing the release date. Any date is better than none!

      • Until end of 2017 I will most likely have enough time to read the other two books again. I tried to make a story with a completely different character but it just feels so weird. So I think I will get back to my Logan and do the same (or nearly same) choices all over again.
        And yeah, my samurai’s name and character traits were actually inspired by Wolverine. XD At the time I started the first book I had only recently watched the Marvel anime with Wolverine so when it came to the first few choices on name and to define my character I only had Logan in my head (except that he’s now into men since I wanted to play bodyguard for a guy at the beginning instead of a woman).

  35. I fell in love with Samueai of Hyuga, keep up the good work! Needless to say, I am eager to read the third book.

    By the way, I love the morale choices, give in and let yourself be consumed by the Jigoku Itto-Ryo or rely on your spirit; not to mention the drama with Junko (and the chance to still be in love with her).

    About the romance system, it was beautifully done, the consequences of bedding Momoko took me by surprise. I can’t wait to see more, possibly the chance to romance Masami? My protagonist is a brutal and yet sly (calculated) ronin that has been through hell, however, due to Masami’s influence he is starting to soften up a bit; he changed from a selfish and merciless person to a very protective bodyguard. In other words, for character progression I believe it would be more than fitting for him to be in love with her. Not to mention how cute she is and the fact that she is already crushing hard (unless I misinterpreted her actions).

  36. Just finished reading both books (in two days – faster than I’d usually read regular books), and I just wanted to say that they’re both awesome!!! Like, funny, dramatic, unexpected at times, violent (take it as a compliment, please), and generally great. Thank you so much for writing them, I hope Book 3 is going well and you’re not too tired (because if you are, we won’t get the sequel).
    So, um, keep being awesome, and I/we’ll (should I write for other people too? It feels weird) try to stay awesome too! Can’t wait! But no pressure. To hurry. None at all.

  37. Hi there, here I was, playing a little of Blades of the Shogun, and here I thought, hey, feudal Japan is the best I should read the SoH serie for the 100th time…. very bad idea since now I’m way too hyped for the third all over again….

    So, searching for new choices to make I came here, saw that you made the achievements specially for us readers to make those less popular choices, and they were worth it. Even if SoH is pretty linear compared to other multiple choices book, the difference between opposite MC’s make each playthrough kind of unique.

    Then I came across this forum, and I thought I should thank you for this amazing serie. since I was so captivated by the universe you created for us. It bring me back to when I was a kid, reading tons and tons of manga (let’s just say my drifter/perverted/brutal ronin is obviously Kyo, but in the end the manga SoH reminds me of most is KENSHIN oh my god how I loved this book, in my first playthrough my MC was obviously a Kenshin clone haha)…

    I love everything about your serie, the universe so close to my heart, the tiny bits of dark humour, the emotions certain scenes create, the different romantic paths that are a organic part of the story and not just a path awkwardly inserted, and more generally the entire cast of characters, that I regretfully leave behind each time I must return to the real world….

    So, a little message to thank you seemed like the least I could do, (well that and instant buy the third book as soon as it comes out), I wish you all the best in your futur projects, and I hope that I’ll quickly find another great story to keep me satiated (Akio would probably wonder why I use such fancy words) until SoH 3 come out !

    ありがとうございます ALIGATO GOZAIMASU

  38. This book convinced me to try Shogi for the first time during this year’s anime convention. I’m pretty much in the same boat as the samurai since I can’t read kanji at all. XD

  39. Illustrator for book 3?
    Really looking forward to it!

    • Book 3’s artist is the same as Book 2’s: Kanitama Corokke. She does a great job, and you can expect to catch a glimpse of the cover very soon!

  40. Just so you know, Choice of Robots from Choice of Games LLC. used to be my favorite CYOA novel/game, but now it is yours. I’m so excited, can’t wait for a few months. It’s worth the wait though. I just hope that I can romance Toshie. I like to think that even though my character puts off a somewhat distrustful vibe for her, he actually quite likes her, but is just too stubborn to admit it to himself. Plus, her voluptuous Kondo body doesn’t help.

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