Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 Demo

The demo version for the sequel is here!

Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 is the mind-shattering sequel to your favorite interactive tale. The journey continues in the land of silk and steel, where fantasy and reality clash and tough choices await you on every page.

Get ready to prove why you’re the toughest ronin around.

This demo contains the first three chapters of the story. They are part of the third book in an epic series, and are the result of another year of hard work. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you’re ready.

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  1. Hello! You made my day!
    I played the demo and it was perfect, but I wasn’t expecting any less. It feels rewarding to investigate and find the right clues, a good addition to the game features.
    It’s a pity that I couldn’t load up my ronin, because she was protective-calculated-perverted-charming-finesse and that combination isn’t avaliable. It’s not something you can fix, so don’t worry about it, I’ll play with my canon ronin when the game is complete ^^
    Now let’s talk about Jun… ah, my favorite character after our ronin. HE’S WITH MOMOKO NOW. I’m afraid of what he intends to do with her. I love Jun but if he rapes her thinking of Yuko (my MC) or something like that… I don’t know if I can forgive THAT. It would be too much. I know he’s kind of insane and obsessed, but there’s a line and I hope he doesn’t cross it. Anyway, I can’t wait until he and his ronin meet again. In my “canon” playthrough Yuko is also obsessed with him (even if she doesn’t want to) but worried about what he might do to others (she’s very protective).

    Oh! And Toshio surprised me. He’s showing new sides of himself in book 3 and I’m loving it. At the end I thought he was furious because he’s absolutely loyal to the Emperor, but it’s because someone tried to murder our ronin, if I understood correctly. Interesting… He’s getting really attached to her ^^ (It doesn’t have to be romantic)

    Question! Will Jun and MC be reunited in book 3? I need that drama. Also, how many books will there be? Seven?

    Your writing superb, of course, as usual.

    • There are six books planned in total, which is a lot of words to cover all the dramatic moments I hope SoH will have. Setting up drama and maximizing it is very important, especially in Jun/Junko’s case when it ties into MC’s past.

      It will take Book 3 to set the perfect conditions for the encounter between the two. By the end of the book even the most fierce Jun x MC shippers will understand!

      • Oh, you break my heart. But I’m sure you have your reasons for delaying their meeting. Reading Jun’s PoV is enough for me. I remembered something! In Jun’s chapter of the demo, he recalls that MC was described as oddly beautiful… that was a surprise, at least to me. A good one. I’ve always imagined MC as rough and handsome (male or female) so heyyyy, good to know is canon 😉

        I played book 2 a long time ago so I don’t remember everything, but I thought the Baron was the fox spirit and not the poet :O I’m a little confused. The Baron is just human?

        • What the Baron is (and isn’t) will be clarified later in the story.

      • I hope i dont sound complaining i just realy love these books/games so i was wondering if you have some clue as to how long it will take to release all books? If you dont i undrstand but i can barley wait for the next ☺️

        • Thanks! As for how long it will take me to complete the series, it’s hard to say. Each book takes a little over a year of writing, scripting and editing. There’s a lot of work ahead of me, but I am determined to see it through!

      • I played it before And just until I loss interest I watch samurai X then after few hour an idea came to me that what if I name my character kenshin And BTW I saw what you did there. That was very pleasing xD

  2. I’ve been waiting for this for about a year now, and I’m absolutely stoked! I agree with all of Gaby’s points, except I’m completely in love with Toshio. In regards to that, needless to say, I’m extremely satisfied with the first three chapters!

    I see a mysterious girl in the opening art next to someone who is quite obviously Toshio. I’m excited! The writing in these books is, of course, amazing. The dashes of humor gets me everytime. I’ll be looking forward to the full version with baited breath!

  3. Yes!! On dear Amatersu! Haven’t read it yet but I bet it’s going to be perfect!

  4. Ok, first : THAT WAS AWESOME ! I don’t want to spoil anything but damn it i want to read the next chapter !

  5. i’m not sure if i want to play SoH anymore…i just spoil all the fun for myself.
    i may just wait next 10 year for the story to end and then just play it all in one go rather than once per year when all the hype and immersion grow cold. same reason why i don’t watch any tv series untill whole session is finished.

  6. Hooked since the first moment. This/Magium my favourite text RPGs


  8. Yesssssss, this was great~! I can’t wait until the whole thing is out. Loved it, and really enjoyed the little segment that was from Jun’s POV. Poor Momoko though.
    Sort of hope that Jun x MC is a romance choice but probably won’t be.

    Anyway, that was awesome, looking forward to book 3’s release! (The text input scenes were super satisfying by the way.)

  9. That was divine ! I wish it was the whole thing! Take mah Money already!!!!

    Btw , we will be able to use our save in the full version right? cose I have so many ! lol and I be playing them all 🙂

    You haven’t lost your touch , there were many moments that made me laugh!

    Wish you the best in finishing Book 3 , can’t wait to play the whole thing .

    • You’ll be able to import your characters from Book 2 when the full version of Book 3 is released. Glad you’re enjoying it!

  10. The hype is real!! Finally got around to reading it and I must say it was worth the wait. Feels a bit short since the other demos were four chapters long and this one has only three but I feel like the new “word input” system more than compensated for that.
    As always your writing is superb though I did see some grammer typos such as “our that our” and then the sentence continues as if the “our that” was never there (I know it’s a bit of an awkward description but I hope it got the message through). Hopefully it’s just a demo mishap…
    Now, I’m really interested in Junko’s teetering over the edge of complete insanity and only being half insane and completely obsessed with our MC, and that leads me to worry about Momoko!! She’s standing right next to her with Gensai’s Katana and she lost herself! I’ll be sad if anything happens to Momoko but it’ll make for some really good drama if/when Junko and the MC finally meet again!
    Now here something that confuses me a bit, wasn’t Toshie half crazy in the end of book two? If so it seems like she regained her sanity. She is finally getting a much deeper character development by showing new sides of herself!
    By the way, I really like the new page animation! I gotta admit it happened more then a few times when I got confused thinking the page didn’t change and just jumped back to the top. A great addition in my opinion.
    With how the demo looks the third book is going to be even more awesome than the second and even more satisfying!
    Hope you don’t overwork yourself and to hear more news from you in the future!
    P.s. I still love the Samurai Jack name reference!

    • And I forgot to ask! Who’s the artists for the book covers? I really liked the second covers drawing style!

      • The artist for Book 1 went by silversnow, while Book 2 and 3 was done by Kanitama Corokke. Her twitter handle is @kanitamacorokke if you want to follow her.

    • Thank you for that find! Book 3 has not gone through copy editing yet, so I expect a few errors, but any mistakes that my fans can find definitely helps. I like the page animations too!

      And since you’re a Samurai Jack fan, you might like my current wallpaper:

      • Yes! That wallpaper is amazing, yes!! All the yes in the world!!
        And thanks for the artists names. Will definitely check out their other works.

  11. I played the demo of the book and I LOVE IT!!!
    The “new” Tosh is awesome and the “detective” thing is something new and i really find it interesting
    But I have some questions:
    1.Did Jun/ko killed Momoko?
    2. Maybe she knowed the Strike of Non-Thought(from the MC back in book 1) and saved herself?
    3. Could we choose if the MC is still loving/obsessed with Jun/ko or not?
    4. Will you continue publishing a book per year or will be like 2-3 books per year?(I hope to post rarely to have the same content untill now)
    I know are maybe big questions and got to wait untill the official realease but maybe you could give us a ideea of the things?

    • I won’t spoil anything for Book 3, so I can’t answer most of your questions. Book 3 will be well over 200,000 words, and it’s not possible for me to write, edit and script that much interactive fiction any quicker.

      As the series progresses, there will be more previous choices and branches I will have to consider, and more outlining will need to be done for it all to make sense. Because of this, books will take longer to write. I’m sure fans will be perfectly patient while they wait, lol!

  12. I am so excited for book 3! I’m totally on the Toshie/MC ship and can’t wait to see how that pans out and what happens next! Your games/books are what I look forward to most when this time of year comes around. They’re the form of entertainment I’ve always craved but could never find until now.

  13. Ahhh it was so good. And we got to see Jun(ko)’s pov again, which is always a delight. I still hope against hoping that at some point in the story they will join the gang just so I can see Jun(ko) grumpily interact with the rest of team and be unreasonably jealous about mc :’D I’m a fool and I believe in semi happy endings for my ronin lol.

  14. Wow! Loving it. Can’t wait for the complete book. Addition of the deduction parts is amazing! ?

  15. You’ve managed to upstage perfection once again!

    I absolutely adore this story and all of the characters in it. The humor is just enough to be funny without being overbearing and cheap, the relationships have time to mature instead of feeling artificial, and you’ve somehow miraculously put the action and drama of such a setting into written word without it reading tacky. All of my applauds!

    I have a question that probably can’t be answered due to pesky spoilers, but it’s worth a shot. Will Jun and the mc be able to have an ending together at all? I am not one to turn away from a twisted romance, or the logistics behind such an ending, no sir. I will hop on that train with an express ticket, thank you very much!

    • Junko/Jun presents so much potential for drama, romance and psychological themes. You can trust that I won’t let such an opportunity go to waste!

      • Yeees! Hell, i am jumping on that train with everything and nothing! Such gorgeous relationship you have build, and i must tell, Jun/ko takes the cherry. I sooo hope it could end good with her, but i cant help to feel that first tou need to taste the drama!

        You are amazing writter! And Fatehaven, dragged me thru way more, than i was expecting. A big bravo! I hope you the best with your works! And hell yeah! As soon as the third part comes out, i am throwing my money at you!

  16. Love the detective segments and toshie is starting to become my favorite after the demo 🙂
    Excellent work !!!! Can’t wait for the full book.

  17. I love the story of all books so far. I have read them i think five or six times and everytime i understand more of the plot, because english isn’t my native language. I also love the japanese writings, some of them i understand, but kanji, i’m still learning these letters. One question i have so far…katakana is more often used than hiragana or kanji, is that because the town names or everything thats describes is fioctional? The titles of the chapters are written in both languages, so they mean the sane? Somewhere in Jijinto it wasn’t i think.
    I hope book 3 gonna be released soon. Im looking forward to the new adventures. Thank you for this magnificant story.

  18. If this is something you can spoil, will Jun/Junko be more present(either in the little snippets like in the demo or interacting with the mc) in book 3? I love their character and the interactions they’ve had with the world.

  19. As a major fan having played through SoH 1 and SoH 2 at least 20 times each, I’m quite honestly blown away. The new text input for observation and deduction offers a nice new mechanic that is surprisingly rare in these types of games and it makes you really pay attention to the details of the story. I know this is only a demo but wasn’t our party of heroes fighting memory loss and whatnot at the end of book 2? I could be wrong there but I thought that at least it would have been mentioned in the first bits of the chapter. Loving the new character depth to characters like Toshie/o as well as the budding (potential) mentor approach between MC and the kid. Keep it up!

    • If I recall correctly, if you stay true to your characteristics, by the end of the story you will have fought off the memory loss.

  20. I hope we get the chance to redeem Jun. Their character was always interesting to me

  21. I’ve completely forgot about this masterpiece for a couple of weeks, and when I cbecked the website.. bAM! A demo is already waiting for me xD
    It’s a pity that it felt so short, I can’t wait for the full version! Speaking of which, when is it going to be released?
    Although, I really like the word input system. It makes me think and pay a little more attention to the text and its details. It makes the investigation part more interactive and fun too

  22. That was an amazing demo! I tried looking for glitches, mistakes, and issues, but I’m pretty sure this thing has been thoroughly proofread already. Can’t wait to see how it works out for the Sword Who Cuts The Heavens. Last thing, I absolutely love the addition of text responses, makes the story much more immersive and definitely requires a higher level of attention. Hope it gets kept in later books.

    P.S. Love the series and hope it goes well for you!

  23. I really love the series so far but my favorite character has to be Toshio. Can we expect any romantic development between them and the Avatar? I hope so.

  24. Can’t wait! I love this game and I have to admit.. love teasing Tosh (I can’t help if my character happens to be a perv) >w>

  25. Who are the characters in the cover? (For every book, I mean)
    In Book 1, the man could be the male ronin, and the woman Toshie dressed as a noble?
    In Book 2 I have no idea who they are ???
    And for Book 3 the man looks A LOT like Toshio from the descriptions we got until now, but I don’t know who the woman is. Maybe our female ronin? But she has dark hair and eyes in the books, so idk…


    • For Book 1, I didn’t really have anything specific in mind. I’d say it’s male ronin and either: dressed-up Toshie, grown-up Masami, or Shiroyama (stretchy neck demon).

      For Book 2, it’s female ronin, sporting the soy-sauce hat with one of the kid’s talismans on it for shogi. The white-haired guy is Bashō.

      For Book 3, the guy is definitely Toshio. I won’t spoil who the woman is, but you met her towards the end of Book 1. Foul-mouth, kanabo, and a yakuza tattoo.

      Something important that Toshie/Toshio mentions in Book 2, if you show her/him Momoko’s farewell letter:

      “Our spirits are tied like strings in a knot. While we may separate for a time, in the twists and turns of fate, we are bound to return to its center.”

      It’s a good excuse for reoccurring characters!

      • I’m replaying Book 2 now and it makes so much sense. The rainy weather is mentioned multiple times, and the guy looks sketchy, very much like Basho. And our fem!Ronin, tired of playing Shogi, aww. I love her.
        I think I know who the woman is! And she swore to kill my Yuko for what happened to her men, so… my ronin is in trouble fufufu.
        I need Jun in one of the covers, pretty please.
        Also, my congratulations to the artist: Toshio looks really handsome <3

        P.S.: So excited for Book 3! This series is the best. There's a scene in Book 2, when our ronin has the first shogi match, and she keeps messing things up (starts without the king, etc) and the public goes wild like she's some kind of genius… I LAUGHED SO MUCH. You, sir, are an artist!

  26. i bought both the samurai of hygua games on my phone a long time ago but i wanna replay on my laptop is that possible without re buying them for steam? if so how?

    • Unfortunately the App Market, Google Play and Steam don’t allow games to be transferred. But if you entered your email address at the end of Book 2, you should be able to load in your character into the future Steam-version of Book 3.

      That way, you can continue the series on Steam. If you need more support, check out Choice of Game’s support page here:

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