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SoH Achievement Guide

For all you min-maxing 100%’ers out there, here’s a guide to help get those tricky achievements. It’s impossible to get them all during a single play-through, so there’s no need to stress over them too much. I made many of these achievements to motivate players to pick less popular choices, as well as rewarding them for paying attention. Warning: spoilers ahead! Best Dumplings in Yamato In chapter 1, Kin Oyama asks a request from...

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Samurai of Hyuga Released!

Samurai of Hyuga has been released! Check out it’s page here! At the risk of getting introspective, I want to go into why I created SoH in the first place. My main hope and goal is that it feels unlike any interactive story you’ve played before. I want it to hit you deeper and touch depths nothing in this genre has quite been able to reach. I threw out a few conventions and put...

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