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Samurai of Hyuga Demo

The demo version for my newest interactive adventure is here! Samurai of Hyuga is a brutal, heart-pounding interactive tale. Prepare to enter the land of silk and steel, where fantasy clashes against grim reality, and where the good guys don’t always win in the end. It’s a harsh world with tough choices at every turn. Good thing you’re the toughest ronin around. This demo contains the first four chapters of the story. They are...

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What’s in a name?

In interactive fiction, the protagonist name choice (if it exists) is often a no-brainer. You’ll be shown your gender-appropriate variations of “David” and “Joseph” and “William”, and you’ll probably opt to “enter your own name”. How can we make this choice more meaningful? How can pre-generated names not only have some appeal, but give off information as well? Here are the name choices for my upcoming game: Male Names Akio (昭雄). A name which...

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