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Paying Attention to the First Episode

Writing is about learning to pay attention and to communicate what is going on. Now, if you ask me, what’s going on is that we’re all up to here in it, and probably the most important thing is what we not yell at one another. Otherwise we’d all just be barking away like Pekingese: “Ah! Stuck in the shit! And it’s your fault, you did this…” Writing involves seeing people suffer and, as Robert...

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Four iterations of Azorus IV

    With the latest version released to Google Play and the App Market, I wanted to write on how this particular visual novel has changed and progressed during the years. Between a face-lift and massive code overhauls, the whimsical adventure of Captain Rousseau remains the same. While the writing is outdated compared to my newer works, I hope you are still able to find it as an enjoyable interactive read.     Azorus IV was the first...

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